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Try this test – English in a minute by Baroni Teacher

Try this test

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Welcome to your Try this test

Your new question!

Your new question!

Your new question!

1. Martha is __ than Carol.

2. Carlos ___smokes. He doesn't like cigar.

3. She __ arrived yet.

4. You are my __student.

5. Where __you go last night.

6. Maybe, I __ to Costa Rica in July.

7. If I ___more money, I will send it to you.

8. I ____New York twice.

9. She has worked here _ 3 years.

10. I __ start a new job next week.

11. ____ have you lived here?

12. I have ___ money.

13. My sister ___ Japanese.

14. ___ worked here.

Your new question!

3. She __ arrived yet.


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