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Past tense – English in a minute by Baroni Teacher

Past tense

Past tense

There is only one form of the verb in the past tense for all subjects, except in the verb TO BE which has 2 forms: was and were



The simple past of irregular verbs can end in a variety of ways, with no consistent pattern.  There is no rule for these verbs. They should be learned by heart.



Rule #1: The past tense of regular verbs is formed adding ‘ed’ to the end of the verb


Rule #2: If the verb ends in ‘e’ just add ‘d’


Rule #3: If the verb ends in a consonant+vowel+consonant, and the stress is at the end of the word, double the final consonant and add ‘ed’


Rule #4: If the verb ends in 2 vowels+consonant, or 1 vowel+consonant and the stress is not at the end, don’t double the final consonant, only add ‘ed’


Rule #5: If the verb ends in ‘c’ add ‘ked’


Exercise N° 1


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