Monthly test february – march 2021

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Welcome to your Monthly test A - Choose the correct alternative for each case:

1. Diana is older than I __ 2 years.
2. When I met him, ___
3. By May, we___the pandemic.
4. If the situation worldwide _ change, we are lost.
5. During this pandemic, I must __my family
6. __ vacation, I am going to travel to Los Roques.
7. __my 20, I used to travel a lot.
8. What were you doing when I __ you the message?
9. I have been _ The USA twice.
10. The more I study, __ I speak
11. I can't understand her __.
12. I would like __ today.
13. ___ one hundred people came to the party.
14. A big __ of coffee is drunk around the world.
15. When __ you last visit Colombia.
16. Why are you staying at home?
17. I can speak English very well. ___, sometimes I make errors.
18. _ we go out today. I want to do something different.
19. ____! Don't drive too fast.
20. I ___ you the money tomorrow. Don't worry.

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