English quiz for beginners

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Welcome to your English quiz for beginners

1. Martha ___in Kansas.
2. Diana is _ than Karla.
3. Where ___you from?
4. Maybe, I ___travel in April.
5. She is ___dancer.
6. I go to the supermarket___a week
7. I am ____after my class.
8. Carolina __ have children.
9. See you __9pm
10. My birthday is __October 8th.
11. __your email?
12. Let's go out. I think it___rain.
13. _ country of South America is Brazil
14. My mother ___ doctor.
15. I___ wake up at 10 am
16. ___you like sushi?
17. _ do you call your mom?
18. She __ a dog.
19. Carlos lives in New York. ___apartment is big.
20. ___a week do you work out?

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